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Knowledge is not enough. Transformative ideas and technologies do not happen in a vacuum. Having radical impact at scale requires collaboration and a strong support network. Connect with a global community of technologists, thinkers, and builders working together to create a radically different future. Together with our carefully curated community of “radical Allies” you will form bonds, expand your network and collaborate with a focus not just on talking, but getting started and gaining momentum.

We are building and nurturing a community of people who want to be radically different, who want to have massive impact at scale, and who build things that matter. If that sounds like you, and you are ready to start taking action – join us!

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Meet Some of Our Allies

We are delighted to share a series of interviews with our “radical Allies”. Read more about what drives, motivates, and inspires these futurists. Take a peek into their leadership habits, what they read, and what radical advice they give.

Carol Reiley

Carol Reiley.

CEO, stealth; Board/Advisor,; Founder, Squishybotz

Carol is an industry leader in robotics and AI and was the youngest member on the IEEE Robotics & automation board. She's developed highly regulated products in a variety of different applications such as space (Lockheed Martin), underwater (research) and medical (Intuitive Surgical). She did her graduate work at Johns Hopkins University, co-founded and led company strategy for, and most recently founded a health company. She also leads diversity and STEM education initiatives.

Carol Reiley’s Interview.

Daniel Epstein

Daniel Epstein.

CEO & Founder, Unreasonable Group

Daniel is proudly the founder Unreasonable Institute, Unreasonable Capital,, Unreasonable at Sea, Unreasonable Impact, Girl Effect Accelerator, Project Literacy Lab. Daniel has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as a “30 under 30 entrepreneur” and by Forbes as one of the “top 30 most impactful entrepreneurs” of the year. He also received the prestigious “Entrepreneur of the World” award along with Richard Branson & the President of Liberia at the Global Entrepreneurship Forum.

Daniel Epstein’s Interview.

Eli Bressert

Eli Bressert.

Head of Siri Platform Science & Insights, Apple

Eli love’s putting big ideas into action by connecting the impossible. He’s currently the Head of Siri Platform Science & Insights at Apple. Before that, he spearheaded and led R&D, engineering, and data teams at companies like Stitch Fix, Netflix, and Convoy. He authored the O'Reilly book on scientific Python libraries, mentors at Singularity University and Insight Data Science, and has a PhD in astrophysics.

Eli Bressert’s Interview.