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Meet radical Ally Eli Bressert

Eli love’s putting big ideas into action by connecting the impossible. He’s currently the Head of Siri Platform Science & Insights at Apple. Before that, he spearheaded and led R&D, engineering, and data teams at companies like Stitch Fix, Netflix, and Convoy. He authore… more

Don’t Buy Into the Internet’s Exponential BS Machine

The Internet buzz machine is going bonkers over the latest “breakthrough” in robotics: Autonomous Delivery Robots. From Postmates’ bug-eyed Serve robot, and Starship’s little six-wheeled cooler-on-wheels look-a-like, PepsiCo’s fleet of snack-delivering bots, to stair-climbing de… more

Meet radical Ally Daniel Epstein

Daniel’s life has been shaped by a fundamental belief that entrepreneurship is the answer to nearly all the issues we face today. By the time he received his undergraduate degree in philosophy, he’d already started three companies. In 2012 he was recognized by Inc. Magazine as a… more

Meet radical Ally Carol Reiley

We are delighted to kick-off the first “radical Ally Interview” with Carol Reiley. Carol is an industry leader in robotics and AI and was the youngest member on the IEEE Robotics & Automation board. She co-founded and is a Board Member of, an artificial intelligence… more


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